Biweekly AutoPay

Biweekly AutoPay will automatically draft a half-payment from your account every 2 weeks (14 days).

  • There will be 26 withdrawals a year.
  • There will be 2 months during the year when a 3rd half-payment will be drafted and posted to your account, as a principal payment.
  • The 2 extra half-payments will help reduce the overall interest you pay on your loan and accelerate your payoff.
    Note: There are no fees for using Biweekly AutoPay.


  • Account must not be enrolled in monthly AutoPay. (You can manage your AutoPay settings here.)
  • Account must be paid 1 month in advance. (The 2 withdrawals made each month will be applied as your next month’s payment.)

To enroll, please review, complete, and return this Biweekly AutoPay Authorization Form.

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