Requesting a Payoff Quote

Who Can Request

Only UWM customers and authorized third parties may request a payoff quote.

How to Request Online

UWM Customers:

You can request a payoff quote through your online account.

  • We will send your payoff quote by the delivery method you select within the timeframe provided.

Third Parties Acting on Behalf of a UWM Customer:

If the customer has already authorized you (either online or by completing our Third Party Authorization Form), you can contact us to request a payoff quote.

How to Request by Phone or Mail

  • Phone: Call us at 888-464-2432.
  • Mail: Send us a short letter stating that you’d like a payoff quote.
    Be sure to include:
    • your loan number;
    • the address of the property; and
    • all of your most up-to-date contact information.
      Send it to:
      Attn: Payoff Department
      800 State Highway 121 Bypass, Suite 100
      Lewisville, TX 75067


An expedited delivery fee of up to $5 may apply to each payoff quote sent via web.

Feel free to contact us for clarification of applicable fees before requesting your quote.

Have more questions or need help?

Give us a call during business hours.

888-464-2432United Wholesale Mortgage Support Line
Monday - Thursday7am - 8pm CT
Friday7am - 7pm CT
Saturday8am - 12pm CT