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If you're serving in the military, thank you for your service.

The last thing you or your family members need when you're on active duty is to be worrying about foreclosure or other financial issues. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) may provide some help. The benefits include preventing any foreclosure from being filed during your service and for twelve months following it, an interest rate cap at 6% for loans incurred prior to active duty and temporary relief from late fees accrued during active service.

The following people are eligible:

  • Service members called to active duty.

  • Dependents of service members who are called to active duty.

  • Active-duty service members who are listed on the deed of the property, but not on the loan.

  • Citizens serving with Allied Forces who can provide sufficient documentation.

There are some additional requirements that apply:

  • The mortgage loan must have been incurred prior to entry into active duty.

  • Generally, the active duty period must be more than 30 consecutive days.

  • The borrower must provide proof of active-duty orders within 180 days of their active-duty end date. Service members do not have to provide active-duty orders to receive foreclosure protection under the SCRA.

To get started, please email, mail or fax a copy of your active-duty orders so we can determine your eligibility.

Email: [email protected]

Attn: Military Families
P.O. Box 619098
Dallas, TX 75261-9741

FAX: 469-322-3880

You may be asked to supply any or all of the following information:

  • A copy of the orders from the military notifying you of your activation.

  • Your FHA case number, if applicable.

  • Evidence that the debt precedes your activation date.

Thank you again for your service.


Principal Reduction Program and First Lien Relief Program are designed to provide targeted aid to families in states hit hard by the economic and housing market downturn, including those who are unemployed. Programs and eligibility vary by state. UWM is currently participating in ten different Hardest Hit Fund program options.

These programs are available in Washington, D.C. and the following states:

Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Tennessee.

NOTE: The Hardest Hit Fund Unemployment Program and Hardest Hit Fund Second Lien Unemployment Program are included as part of the above-mentioned relief programs.